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Editorial charter

Editorial charter of Voix d’Exils, an online social media site

Voix d’Exils is an online media site designed to allow free expression for migrants and debates on issues of migration and society. This project is developed by the states of Vaud, Valais and neuchâtel.

Voix d’Exils aims, firstly, to make available to migrants information meeting their needs and, secondly, to stimulate constructive debate on any interesting topic. By focusing on dialogue and analysis, and highlighting migrants’ contribution in particular intellectual in society, Voix d’Exils wishes to enable issues to be seen from different perspectives, to be a vehicle for expression of opinions, and undertakes to produce quality, critical, original and independent information.

This interactive, participative media site is determined to be open to a broad range of topics, methods of expression and publics. It endeavours to stimulate and promote, as far as possible, editorial projects initiated by migrants. Contributions to Voix d’Exils’ pages, in collaboration with its editorial staff, are also welcomed from writers outside cantonal and national borders, irrespective of origin and status.

Voix d’Exils manages its structure and contents autonomously. Its writers are invited to be actively involved in its construction and coordination. It intends to have a have a supple, dynamic structure with a regularly fed content. Consequently, Voix d’Exils must know how to keep the public’s interest and evolve according to its writers’ and readers’ desires.

Non-political, not a supporter of any religious or other movement, Voix d’Exils intends producing articles documented and audio-visual contents in the respect of the deontological principles contained in the Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists of the Swiss Federation of Journalists.

An area for both media and social experimentation, Voix d’Exils is a platform whose goal is to develop its writers’ skills in the field of new information and communication technologies whilst encouraging meetings and knowledge sharing.

With an intercultural, plurilingual and multimedia vocation, this communication medium intends promoting the integration of its writers and, more widely, migrants within society.

Vouvry, the 22th of may 2014


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