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Middle east


« Je suis Charlie » : stop mobilization!

Is Charlie Hebdo attack new to social phenomena? What are the reasons behind Islamic terrorism? Is freedom of speech a western value? This article attempts to handle these tough questions by giving way to thinking outside the box into which mobilizers are forcefully pushing us.

New Year’s Eve and the war against terrorism

A reflection about holidays celebrations in and out of Syria and why should we learn from the experience of a four-year-old child who was terrorized as fireworks resurrected flashbacks of horrible sounds and scenes of explosions from the time she was lying in a cradle.

The future of the Middle East remains uncertain

Situation tendue au Maghreb et Moyen-Orient

With Protests from Tunisia to Egypt to Yemen and now to Libya and escalating to the rest of the Middle East, the turmoil in the Middle East is intensifying and the outcome of the increasingly bloody demonstrations remains unclear. Anti-governments protesters, pro-governments supporters, military and police are continuing to crash in the streets as dictators also continue to kill.

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