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The lady with the dog

Reflection on displacement, aging and integration

Some words in favor of egotism

I usually refer to egotism when people ask me about the most important thing for being a writer. The term seems to be very confusing as people usually associate it with selfishness, arrogance and pride. People with no writing career find it strange that a socially unfavorable characteristic is viewed as an essential trait for providing something good for our communities and hence the need to explain that unless somebody feels like a messenger s/he might not be able to pass on their message.

Pourquoi pas une campagne «Welcome Home» ?

Campagne Welcome home

European Union pays Gaddafi to fight immigration

Couple Berlusconi Kadhafi

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi signed a contract of £50 million with the European Union to stop immigrants from entering Europe through Libya.

When you are imprisoned while avoiding drug dealing

Just like me, there are so many cases where by many immigrants who are not dealers find or have found themselves in prisons and even found guilty of drugs dealings. This is because of their friends who are dealers or because of the miscalculation of police investigations.

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