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Music is a universal language that crosses all borders

Enrico Macias song « J’ai quitté mon pays » then and now

New Year’s Eve and the war against terrorism

A reflection about holidays celebrations in and out of Syria and why should we learn from the experience of a four-year-old child who was terrorized as fireworks resurrected flashbacks of horrible sounds and scenes of explosions from the time she was lying in a cradle.

«Where Vol Spécial ends, Escort starts»

Guido Hendrikx et les vols spéciaux

  Voix d’Exils participated in the festival Visions du Réel held in Nyon from 25th April to 3rd May. It is an important international film festival specializing in documentary films, one of the largest in Europe in this field. During the festival, « Escort» was one of the most shocking documentary films screened about refugees, catching Voix d’Exil’s serious attention.        

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