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The rise and fall of a city in the endless Game of Thrones

An important part of my job as a legal translator in my city Qamishli, situated in north-eastern Syria on the border with Turkey, was working with asylum-seekers and refugees, especially Iraqis who had fled their country following the American invasion in 2003 and wanted to find refuge in the asylum countries. 

«Where Vol Spécial ends, Escort starts»

Guido Hendrikx et les vols spéciaux

  Voix d’Exils participated in the festival Visions du Réel held in Nyon from 25th April to 3rd May. It is an important international film festival specializing in documentary films, one of the largest in Europe in this field. During the festival, « Escort» was one of the most shocking documentary films screened about refugees, catching Voix d’Exil’s serious attention.        

Voix d’Exils: the movie!

  Grasping what is Voix d’Exils in less than 8 minutes: this is the challenge that has successfully achieved Keerthigan Sivakumar, asylum seeker from Sri-Lanka. He bravely started the production of a movie on the blog and decided to follow the three different editing boards of Voix d’Exils. After several months of shooting in 2013, Mr. Sivakumar and his highly motived team have finally finished this demanding project. Watch the movie’s preview following the link at the end of the article!    

Fashion show at Botza training center

“There is no fashion if it doesn’t go on the streets” Coco Chanel June 11th 2013 was a special day for the community of Botza, the main training centre for asylum seekers in Valais. The usual noises of tools and machines stopped to let other sounds like music, laughs and stilettos heels fill the air: it was fashion day. The women who attended sewing workshops (Rarogne, Botza, Martigny and Saint-Gingolph) were proud to present their production through a real fashion show. For one day – their day – they allLire la suite

«Blacks are vulnerable and ostracized by the political system»

The Movement for the Respect and Dignity of Blacks (MoureDiN) is a non-profit organization based in Lausanne, Switzerland, since 2006. It defends cohabitation with respect to the freedoms and rights between foreigners and natives living in Switzerland. It also aims at orientate and help young people through projects created and supported by community partners such as ACOR SOS Racism and the International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism (LICRA). These projects focus on raising awareness and encouraging young blacks and foreigners to integrate local society and to organize their professional future.Lire la suite

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