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The lady with the dog

Reflection on displacement, aging and integration

The rise and fall of a city in the endless Game of Thrones

An important part of my job as a legal translator in my city Qamishli, situated in north-eastern Syria on the border with Turkey, was working with asylum-seekers and refugees, especially Iraqis who had fled their country following the American invasion in 2003 and wanted to find refuge in the asylum countries. 

Voix d’Exils: the movie!

  Grasping what is Voix d’Exils in less than 8 minutes: this is the challenge that has successfully achieved Keerthigan Sivakumar, asylum seeker from Sri-Lanka. He bravely started the production of a movie on the blog and decided to follow the three different editing boards of Voix d’Exils. After several months of shooting in 2013, Mr. Sivakumar and his highly motived team have finally finished this demanding project. Watch the movie’s preview following the link at the end of the article!    

Voix d’Exils: le film !

Comprendre ce qu’est Voix d’Exils en moins de 8 minutes : c’est le défi qu’a brillamment relevé Keerthigan Sivakumar, requérant d’asile d’origine sri-lankaise, qui s’est attelé à la production d’un film sur le blog. Après plusieurs mois de tournage, en 2013, lors desquels il a suivi les trois rédactions de Voix d’Exils, Keerthigan Sivakumar a finalisé ce projet exigeant à l’aide d’une équipe motivée. Visionnez en primeur le film en cliquant sur les liens qui se trouvent dans l’article.

Piscine de Bremgarten en 2013

La piscine de Bremgarten en 2013

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