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My last Christmas in Syria

My last memories of the magic of Christmas festivities in Syria The end of each October and the coming of November and December had always been a period of special significance to my family. It was the arrival of an event which we all had been eagerly waiting for: the informal declaration of the Christmas Season at our home in Syria! My wife, but specially my two children were insisting every time that we started the preparations for Christmas season as early as November. I myself, although sensing the sameLire la suite

The lost childhood

While you are reading these words, a blockade by the Syrian regime on the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk in the south of Damascus, still goes on.

Syrian refugees : the suffering continues

In the past two years, a lucky number of refugees from Syria were able to escape from the horrific conditions in the war torn nation. Most of the refugees ended up in countries like Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, and  some hundreds made it to Europe. In January 2013, Turkey is having 150’000 registered refugees followed closely by Jordan and Lebanon.

The happiness of snow

It snowed a night of November and through the next day both, children and adults, took advantage to the high meters of snow to turn their stress into happiness for at least that day.  

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