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The Welcome-Info offices: an innovative service dedicated to the newcomers in the Canton of Vaud

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Within the framework of the cantonal policy on reception of the newcomers and the fight against discrimination, the Cantonal Office for the Integration of the foreigners and the prevention of the racism (BCI) develops an experimental project: the Welcome-Info offices

The main pursued purposes by this new service are to improve the reception and the integration of the persons recently arrived in the Canton of Vaud and to strengthen their protection against discriminations.

By the means of the Welcome-Info offices, these persons can find advices and informations in order to accomplish their everyday life activities and to improve their insertion and autonomy in their new environment. The team of the BCI guarantees a whole confidentiality and a data protection.

The offices take place twice a month in three cities of the Canton of Vaud. They started their activities in June in Yverdon-les-Bains city and new offices are active now in Nyon city and in Aigle city.

These services are free and without a prerequisite inscription. A service of interpreting is proposed on the spot if necessary.

Get more informations about this new project on the following link: A phone hotline is also available every Thursday from 2 pm- 8 pm. Call the following numbers : 079/101.27.67 or 079/303.28.23.


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